Product Owner Master Class (POMS210526)

Dates: May 26. and 27. 2021
Time: 9:00 to 17:00 both days
Language: English
Location: MBK A/S, Pilestræde 61, Copenhagen
Instructors:  Magnus Christensson and Bent Myllerup

The Product Owner Masterclass is a two-day learning experience providing advanced education to Product Owners juggling multiple business opportunities and needing to learn how to communicate across a range of stakeholders.

This program is for someone who has some years of experience as Product Owner. You have probably completed a general certification as Product Owner a year ago or more, and you have experiences in collaborating with your stakeholders and the developers in your team. Now is the time to expand your knowledge and improve your skills.

What you can learn

The Product Owner role is first of all about maximising the value - that we get as much value out of our efforts as possible. As a Product Owner must have the mindset that your are running a business and whatever decision you are making, you must do it with the thought: “Would I do this if it was my own money?”. It is not necessarily about delivering what was asked for, it is about delivering what is needed. We focus on outcome instead of output.

In this masterclass you will not only learn about helping your team to be efficient. You will learn how to make them effective through learning various tools and techniques for discovering needs, experimenting with products and optimising the delivery.

Below are examples of what you can learn.

Discovering the right needs and products

Business Impact Mapping

In order to handle the uncertainty and complexity of product development we need to be able to adjust our strategy and roadmap as we go and work in a way that allows us to change direction. Business Impact Mapping is a tool that helps us prioritize our efforts, identify assumptions and measure our success.

Design Thinking

Designers have developed a number of techniques to avoid being captured by oversimplified solutions. Taking the original problem as a suggestion and not a final statement, designers investigate the fundamental issue that needs to be addressed. Design Thinking starts with the problem and desired outcome rather than the solution.

Product experiments

You don't necessarily need to write a single line of code (or involve the development team) to test your most critical assumptions. Product experiments represent clever and practical ways to test the problem, market, product, and willingness to pay. Experiments are used to mitigate critical assumptions deemed important and unknown in the assumptions mapping exercise.

Effectively delivering

Identifying opportunities and assumptions

You will acquire the knowledge and experience of creating an Opportunity Canvas and understand the problem-solving advantages of utilising the Opportunity Canvas in the Product Ownership role. Assumptions regarding opportunities or ideas should be prioritised. Assumptions Mapping  is a tool to categorize and discuss assumptions with the purpose of prioritizing what should be planned for development and what requires further investigation through experiments.

Product Visioning

The Product vision describes a future state of your product and describes the problems the product tries to resolve or the goals it tries to reach. You will be introduced to the art of visioning, visualizing and communicating your Product Vision to stakeholders and team and how co-creating and communicating the vision will help you enable buy-in. 

Team dynamics 

As a Product Owner you work in an agile environment, and high-performing, self-organising teams are the cornerstones of succeeding with Agile. However, teams are more than just people working together in the same environment. You will learn about the fundamentals of teams like shared goals, trust, sense of responsibility and accountability.

Measuring impact

Based on your discovery of needs and opportunities, you will dedicate a budget and make bets that certain features or functionality will help your organisation reach the goals of your product and business. Measuring impact will help you learn if your bets where correct or need adjustments. We will discuss how to define a useful measurement and which methods and tools that can help you along the way.

Understanding you organisation

Organisational dynamics

Organisations are complex systems of human interactions. We will share with you why you, despite a good strategy, often have to improvise your way towards the goal of an organisational initiative or transformation. You will learn what to consider when planning an intervention that is targeting human behaviour and why acting with plausibility and coping with uncertainty is essential in organisational transformations.

Stakeholder Management

What are stakeholders? Why do we need to manage our stakeholders? Learn and practice a simple, yet powerful, way to visualize our most important stakeholders and our interactions with them.

Scaling Agile

Many consultants are selling you Scaled Agile these days and often they are trying to apply a fixed approach for this and are forgetting the “WHY?”. Organisations are unique and despite some similarity they need to scale in different ways. We will take you through all the pitfalls in scaling agile and help you formulate the right questions to address when you start scaling. We will also share good principles and practices in scaling agile.

The Masterclass facilitators

Magnus Christensson

Magnus is a partner in Reload, a software development agency. He has more than 15 years experience in driving strategic digitalization and product- and business development for a range of the largest organizations in Denmark. He is an expert in organizational development and implementation of change efforts both on all levels of the organization and an experienced tutor and trainer.

Bent Myllerup

Bent is a founding partner of Better Change Consulting, an agile coaching company. He is one of the pioneers of applying agile approaches in Denmark and has personal experiences from years of applying product ownership. Bents speciality is leadership development and strategic coaching for agile transformations on the enterprise level. His customer base counts the top five in iconic Danish industry and logistic organisations.