Authentic Leadership (CALII230309W)

Virtual - West: Mar 9., Apr 13., May 11., Jun 8., Aug 10. and Sep 14. 2023, 7:30am to 10:30am (GMT) with Jan B. Olsen and Bent Myllerup

Being a manager in an agile setup is the hardest job - you probably already know that

In Better Change we have the past years invested heavily in leadership development. We have found that managers providing leadership are successful when done in a way that feels natural for them.

We have developed a program called Authentic Leadership. Here you as a manager can grow your agile leadership skills by taking the starting point in what is already working for you. The program is pragmatic, practical, and based on dialogue and reflections about what is going on for you in your situation. We will add the necessary theory in small doses as needed.

The program is laid out, so it accommodates your daily work as a manager. Every month you attend a three-hour session through Zoom where you meet with peers and our facilitators.

Each session has a topic that relates to your context.